As the inventor and original producer of the Nord-Lock wedge-locking washers, Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners, Boltight hydraulic tensioning tools and Expander pivot pin technology – our commitment to innovation, quality and safety has never been stronger. This commitment is emphasized by our launch of the industry’s first full lifecycle warranty – the Nord-Lock Group Lifetime Warranty - across all our technologies.

The Nord-Lock Group has a 35 year proven track record of providing the world’s most effective secure bolting solutions to all major industries. Our customers trust us to deliver the safest and most reliable solutions to secure their bolting challenges around the world.

Nord-Lock Group products are designed for superior performance in the most extreme conditions, providing effective bolting solutions throughout an application’s lifetime. Even installation is an example of unparalleled safety, with all our technologies withstanding rigorous testing.

When we offer a solution, we expect it to perform above and beyond anything in its class.

Ranges Supported