Flexovit Wheel Grinding Metal Depressed Centre A30S 115mm x 6.0mm x 16.0mm 66252841709

by Flexovit
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Depressed Centre Grinding Wheel Metal - Type A30S - Flexovit
Suitable for grinding ferrous metal welds and structural steels
Suitable for grinding medium hardness steels
Suitable for use on portable machines.
While large right angle grinders (180mm& 230mm) have been around for many years, small or mini grinders that handle 100, 115" and 125mm wheels have made this machine, and wheel category,very popular in power tools.


  • Brand Flexovit
  • Diametre 115mm
  • Drive Type Grinding Disc
  • Size 115 x 6.0 x 16.0mm
  • Category Abrasives
  • Konnect Part 6311560
  • Brand Flexovit
  • Barcode 9314188063384