1. Konnect Fastening Systems Receives Bolt Import Charter Certification

    Konnect Fastening Systems Receives Bolt Import Charter Certification

    Around eight years ago, Konnect Fastening Systems embarked on a strategic review of the New Zealand market, aiming to identify gaps in quality supply across various market segments. The company recognized the potential in the Structural Steel market, especially in supplying to New Zealand's key fabricators, despite having a small market share initially. We were fortunate that our fastening division in Australia already commanded a good share of their market, so we were able to leverage their purchasing volumes to put together a very competitive offer in NZ. 

    Over the years, Konnect slowly built its profile in the market by increasing inventory holdings and expanding its product range to include Weld Studs and Hollo-Bolts. One significant achievement was securing an exclusive supply arrangement for distributing Class 10.9 EN14399-10 Greenkote Tension Control Bolts in New Zealand and Australia, sourced

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  2. Konnect Fastening Systems Celebrates 10 Years

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  3. Konnect Fastening Systems NZ Christmas Shutdown Period 2023


    Wihsing you a happy & safe holiday season. Please find below the Christmas closure dates for our 16 branches. 



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  4. The Evolution and Advantages of Cordless Power Tools

    Cordless power tools, a relatively recent innovation compared to traditional hand tools and early electric tools, have seen remarkable growth in recent years. Let's explore their development and the numerous benefits they offer:

    Development and Market Growth

    In 1961, Black and Decker, a renowned American manufacturer, introduced the first cordless power tool, marking the beginning of a transformative era. Research predicts a robust global cordless power tools market, expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.67% from 2022 to 2027.


    Cordless power tools, also known as battery-powered or wireless tools, are powered by rechargeable batteries, freeing users from the constraints of electrical connections. This convenience proves invaluable, particularly on larger work sites where power points or cable lengths may be inaccessible.

    Enhanced Safety

    Cordless power tools contribute to workplace safety

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  5. Understanding Roofing Screws: Exploring Different Types and Their Advantages

    Understanding Roofing Screws: Exploring Different Types and Their Advantages

    Roofing screws are critical for any roofing project. The right screw ensures the connection is strong and stable for the longevity of your roof. 

    There are several types of roofing screws available, and it can be difficult to select the best screw for your roofing project. 

    In this blog, we will discuss the different types of roofing screws to understand their different advantages and make the best-informed decision for your project. 

    Timbertite, Unitite or Steeltite Screws 

    Timbertite, Unitite or Steeltite screws are popular choices in New Zealand that don’t require a pilot hole. This makes installation very fast and straightforward. These screws create their own hole and thread in one action, eliminating the need for pre-drilling. This type of roofing screw is also durable in tough environmental conditions. 

    Mechanically Galvanized Roofing Screws

    These roofing screws are often regarded as the

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  6. What is skin only power tools?

    What is skin only power tools?

    What is skin only power tools?


    Skin-only power tool is a specific term for a cordless tool without a battery or charger.


    The power tool advertised will list the compatible batteries that would work with that unit.


    There are many products on the market including Milwaukee M18 MULTI-TOOL (Tool Only) available as tools only that don’t come with batteries or chargers.


    A skin-only tool is the same term as a cordless tool but doesn’t include the battery, battery pack or charger

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  7. Tension Control Bolts

    Tension Control Bolts

    What are Tension Control Bolts?

    Tension control bolts are heavy pre-assembled bolts used in steel frame construction.

    The TCB was first introduced four decades ago by a Japanese bolt company. They have become increasingly popular and are quickly becoming accepted worldwide.

    TC bolts require a special shear wrench designed specifically for installation. Features of the TC bolt include a pin tail that sheers off – ensuring dependable tension levels upon connection. These bolts are one of the most used fasteners for high strength applications.

    It is important workers in the construction industry know how to effectively use TC bolts to ensure projects are successful.

    Advantages of Tension Control Bolts

    Installation is safe, fast, and easy

    TC bolts are said to be easier to install than heavy hex bolts and other fasteners. The bolts only require one person for installation which reduces

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  8. Beat The Heat - Summer Safety

    Beat The Heat - Summer Safety
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  9. Benefits of Konnect Fastening Systems Online

    Konnect Fastening Systems Website
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  10. Multiple Reasons Why Choosing the Right Type of Screw is Important

    Multiple Reasons Why Choosing the Right Type of Screw is Important

    Finding the right screw for your project requires knowing your options. Here are reasons why choosing the right type of screw is important.

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