Bostik ISR 70-03 Sealant Black 290ml Cartridge

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Bostik ISR 70-03 is a good compromise between an adhesive and a sealant. This product is suitable for making elastic constructive joints, which require a high strength. ISR 70-03 is based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) and, used with the Dual SMP® technology, guarantees an increased and controlled cure speed and reliability in the production process and extends the application possibilities.
Solvent, isocyanate and PVC free.
Very good UV resistance and ageing properties.
In general good adhesion on several substrates without the use of a primer.
Permanent elastic within temperatures from -40°C till +120°C.
Neutral, odourless and fast curing.
Paint compatible with most industrial paint- or lacquer systems, both alkyd resin and dispersion based.


  • Konnect Part 132171
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