CRC Clear Zinc 1X400ML

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Clear Zinc coating protects surfaces from chemical, environmental and ultraviolet damage preventing rust, oxidation, corrosion, staining, and fading, for up to 27 months. CRC Clear Zinc is an easy to use, long lasting, high performance protective clear coating that can be applied to almost any surface. Clear Zinc contains an organo-zinc compound which drastically improves the surface wetting of the substrate ensuring that all residual air within the surface is replaced with Clear Zinc coating
Seals surface with a smooth, clear and high gloss finish. Provides protection from damaging UV light. Corrosion resistant. Does not yellow.
Stops moisture and air reaching the surface - impermeable. Flexible Ð will not crack or chip. Non-conductive.
Ideal as a conformal coating for printed circuit boards. Fast dryingÊ


  • Brand CRC
  • Category Corrosion Control
  • Konnect Part CRC2102
  • Brand not selected
  • Barcode 9.4031E+12