Milwaukee 2Mtr Spirit Level

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The MILWAUKEE REDSTICK Box Levels provide industry-leading performance with maximised vial readability, frame durability, and magnet strength. The ALL-METAL BACKBONE provides extra strength to the frame ensuring long-life accuracy. SHARPSITE Vial Technology provides best-in-class readability with a magnified bubble and high-visibility vial spirit. The MILWAUKEE REDSTICK Box Levels are backed by a Lifetime Accuracy Guarantee and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
ALL-METAL BACKBONE: Added strength to frame. Reinforced vial retention.
SHARPSITE Vial Technology: Maximised readability. Impact protected.
Guaranteed Lifetime Accuracy: Accurate to .029° ( .0005"/in, 0,5mm/M).
High Contrast Vial System is easy to clean and optimises visibility.
High Density, Removable End-Caps protect frame and provide access in tight spaces.
Wide, durable handles for comfort and portability


  • Konnect Part MLBX78
  • Brand Milwaukee
  • Brand not selected