Ridgid 150 Tube Cutter

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The Ridgid 150 Metal (31622) Constant Swing Tubing Cutter provides best-in-class cutting accuracy and cutter wheel life. The constant swing radius design makes it especially useful in tight space applications, while the enclosed feed screw prevents clogging or jamming. In addition, a spare cutter wheel is still included in the knob for maximum uptime, and a fold-away reamer is stored in the frame for proper tube preparation. The large "X-CEL" knob provides a firmer grip to cut tubing more quickly and easily, while the "X-CEL" ball detent wheel pin allows users to change cutter wheels more quickly - no tool needed.
Cuts copper, brass, and Aluminium tubing and thin-wall conduit
Enclosed feed screw eliminates clogging and jamming
Fold-away reamer stored in the frame for proper tube preparation
Large, ergonomic knob provides firm grip to cut tubing more quickly and easily
Wheel pin with ball detent allows cutter wheel to be quickly changed - no tools required
Capacity: 1/8 in. to 1 1/8 in. (3 to 28 mm)


  • Konnect Part 31622
  • Brand Ridgid
  • Brand not selected