Ridgid F-514 Cutter Wheel Thin

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Use the Ridgid Thin Cutting Wheel with Ridgid tubing cutters to make fast clean cuts for conduit and potable water applications. Replace old, dulled cutting wheels or have extra on hand for bigger jobs. These Ridgid cutting wheels can handle wide pipe diameters of up to 2 inches and can handle heavy-duty steel and ductile iron. Some of our models, like the 202, are designed to be used with our power drives for experienced professionals. The tubing cutter wheel is fabricated from steel for increased durability and sharpness. It has a blade exposure in any of our tubing and pipe cutters of .312 inches. Use the Ridgid cutting wheel to cut custom lengths of pipe with a convenient, hand-held tool.
Will fit tubing cutter models: 1 and 2A, 42A, 202, 360, 820, 732 and 364
Rigid F514 thin cutting wheel cuts heavy-duty steel and ductile iron pipe
Cuts wide pipe diameters of 2 inches
Steel fabrication for superior durability and sharpness
Blade exposure of .312 inches for increased safety


  • Konnect Part 33100
  • Brand Ridgid
  • Brand not selected