Titen Concrete Anchor Galvanized Screw Bolt M12

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The Titen HD Heavy Duty Screw Anchor is the original high-strength screw anchor for use in cracked and uncracked concrete, as well as uncracked masonry.
During installation, the innovative serrated carbon-steel threads on the tip of the Titen HD are vital because they undercut the concrete as the anchor is driven into the hole, making way for the rest of the threads to interlock with the concrete.
The result is a continuous mechanical interlock between the anchor and base material that requires little installation torque and offers outstanding performance
Complies with AS5220
Specialised Heat-treatment process creates tip hardness to facilitate cutting while the anchor body remains ductile
With high ductility it can be bent to a right angle and remain intact without snapping or breakage
Hex -Washer Head increases bearing surface and requires no separate washer, unless required by specification and provides a clean installed appearance


  • Konnect Part THD12MG
  • Material Steel
  • Fastener Type Screw Bolt
  • Head Type Hex Head
  • Category Anchors
  • Diameter 12.0mm
  • Finish Hot Dip Galvanised
  • Brand not selected