Building Supplies


Konnect Fastening Systems® supplies professionally engineered drilling, anchoring, fixing and lifting product systems to construction trades that are safe, fast working and that offer productive product solutions for all types of construction projects.

For over 50 years Konnect Fastening Systems® has developed and grown strong business partnerships with key construction industry brands whilst striving to provide trade contractors with innovative and differentiated product solutions that are compliant to local and international standards. This service promise is backed by a national branch and on-site customer service network with technical support.

These important drilling, anchoring, fixing, lifting and sealing systems supplied by Konnect Fastening Systems® have been used by trade contractors working on a range of important construction industry infrastructure projects including tunnels, energy, road, rail, bridges, high-rise buildings, mining, & water storage.

Whether constructing temporary or permanent structures in solid concrete or hollow substrate materials or operating under a range of environmental conditions requiring different levels of load performance, Konnect Fastening Systems® has a product system solution for end users.

Product solutions are also available for specialised projects with specification requirements surrounding compliance for operating conditions such as seismic and cracked concrete.


New Zealand's premium all-purpose, fire retardant wall wrap.

Watergate Plus is specifically designed as a wall underlay behind exterior wall cladding. Made from synthetic materials Watergate Plus is fire retardant, water resistant and vapour permeable. The water vapour transfer rate of the product has been optimised to minimise condensation risk in homes without compromising its primary water barrier properties.

Watergate Plus is part of the Thermakraft One Wrap System. Its unique construction allows for easier installation while maintaining best in class performance qualities.

Watergate Plus is a two-layer laminated wall underlay combining a Polyester non-woven layer with a high quality vapour permeable film. This allows water vapour to pass through from inside the wall cavity whilst water from the exterior is kept out.

The product is simply fixed to timber framing using construction staples and is made to stretch around corners providing a tight fit and reducing the risk of staple tear. It will provide temporary weather protection during construction. (Max 90 Days).

Watergate Plus can be used as a wall underlay on both residential and commercial buildings within the following scope:

    • With absorbent wall claddings (e.g. timber, brick or fibre cement) or non-absorbent wall claddings (e.g. metal or plastic).
    • Can be used with timber and steel framing, either directly fixed or in conjunction with an 18mm minimum drained cavity.
    • With masonry veneer in accordance with NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1 and E2/AS4.
    • Situated in NZS3604 and NASH Building Wind Zones up to (and including) ‘Very High’ when used as a standalone flexible underlay, and “Extra High” when used as a flexible underlay over a rigid wall underlay.
    • Is suitable as an air barrier in unlined wall spaces.
    • Is suitable to be used in conjunction with thermal breaks on steel framed buildings.
    • Refer to BRANZ Appraisal No 695 (2017) and CodeMark Certificate BRANZ-CM-1002 for full details.



All of our branches are equipped to supply products straight off the shelf, so whether you are planning for a big project or simply need some last minute supplies to get you through your current project, contact your local Konnect® branch today.