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We offer a quality, tried and tested Self-Drilling Roofing Screws and Cladding Screw range which is manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications of Australian Standards AS/NZS3566.1-2002 (R2015) and AS/NZS3566.2-2002 and is suitable for both the residential and commercial markets as well as the transportable market.

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Hex Washer Head Screw With EPMD Seal

A multi-purpose fastener that is suitable for fixing roofing and cladding to timber, steel purlins or metal battens. For
For fixing corrugated and trapezoidal roofing of 32mm profile height into timber and into steel between 18–50mm.*
Top thread allows roofing sheets to be pulled tight against the neo resulting in waterproof seal, shank cutters oversize pilot hole through roof sheet, de-burs "pig tails" created when drilling on an angle, cuts a clean hole through roofing sheets. Reverse thread on shank relieves thread forming stress when drilling through steel.
  • Class 5 Galvanised
  • Available in various colours



Techinal Data
Specification Unit 1.6mm Steel
Axial Withdrawal Force kN 4.32
Axial Tensile Strength kN 16.74
Single Shear Load kN 11.85
Drilling and Threading Capacity kN 2.00


  • Thicker gauge under the head
    The 12 gauge main body of the screw allows for easy installation into timber or steel, while under the head the 14 gauge thread grips the sheeting and decreases the possibility of water entry.
  • New 12G thermoset seal*
    The new thicker, 12 gauge thermoset seal encapsulates under the head of the fastener and reduces splitting, bulging or leaking in occasions of overdriving.* Not to be used in conjunction with Metal Profile Washers and in thermal expansion situations.        

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